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Story by Pasadena Reporter Receives Los Angeles Press Club Awards

Pasadena reporter and Pasadena Media Foundation grant recipient Justin Chapman received two awards from the Los Angeles Press Club in recognition for his Alta Journal article about the death of "Mad" Mike Hughes titled The Daredevil Who Reached for the Stars.

The prestigious annual Southern California Journalism Awards were announced October 16th.

Chapman's second place award was in the Hard News (one day's coverage of a hard news story) category and third place in the Obituary / In Appreciation (politics / business / arts personalities) category.

Congratulations, Justin!

Our Mission

To build a sustainable financial future for Pasadena-area news and information organizations, which are essential for democracy to function, and to promote high-quality local journalism within the community.

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Without revenue, you can’t pay reporters. Without reporters, you can’t develop consistently reliable news reports about what’s happening in your town. Without that reliable news report, you can’t figure out how to run local government. It isn’t rocket science.”
- Alberto Ibargüen

Our Shared Sense of Urgency

News organizations across the nation have been decimated by the collapse of traditional business models brought on by the impact of digital technology and social media. The Pasadena area is no stranger to these market forces, with multiple news outlets recently eliminating editorial staff, shifting focus away from local news coverage or shutting down entirely.

Readers and advertisers have been drawn to other information sources, especially on the Internet. As a result, many communities have turned into news deserts, with little or no local reporting. Information to minority communities is especially impacted.

Now combined with the COVID-19 pandemic, our local news agencies are further challenged to remain viable, while simultaneously finding themselves responsible for an increasingly important role in the dissemination of accurate and crucial information.