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Pasadena Media News Updates

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Pasadena Now Local Education News Reporting

Help fund coverage of the Pasadena Unified School District, Pasadena Community College, the California Institute of Technology and other schools with a tax-deductible donation

Support the ongoing coverage of education and schools by Pasadena Now journalists.


Cost Effectiveness

The Pasadena Media Foundation is well aware that every dollar counts when saving local news. That's why our volunteer administrators have made every effort to keep administrative costs to the bare minimum.

For every dollar donated, 95% goes to the specific news organization or local journalism projects you select. The remaining 5% represents mandatory credit card service bureau charges, bank service fees, government filing fees and various accounting and insurance costs. In short, our operating expenses are VERY low, and we make every effort to keep them that way.

By way of comparison, here are the percentages of donated funds that go to programs for several other highly rated charities that many of us support...

American Red Cross: 91% to programs*

Doctors Without Borders: 89% to programs*

The Nature Conservancy: 71.2% to programs*

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